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Why IUDs Are a Popular Birth Control Choice

Mar 02, 2021
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A growing number of women are turning to intrauterine devices (IUDs) to prevent pregnancy. Learn more about this tiny medical device and what makes the IUD such a popular choice.

At Progressive Women’s Health in Friendswood, Texas, we understand that picking the best method of birth control is a highly personal decision. Our board-certified OB/GYN Asia Mohsin, MD, knows that your lifestyle factors, medical needs, and health concerns should factor into your choice. 

To meet the needs of every patient, our practice offers a wide range of contraception choices, including: 

  • Different types of birth control pills
  • Patches
  • Vaginal rings
  • Birth control injections
  • Birth control implants
  • Advice on condoms and other methods

One of the most popular birth control methods among our patients is the IUD (intrauterine device). This tiny device is very effective at preventing pregnancy and comes with many other benefits. Take a moment to learn why the IUD has grown in popularity.

What are IUDs?

IUDs are small medical devices. These T-shaped objects are about the size of a quarter, and it only takes Dr. Mohsin a few minutes to implant one into the wall of the uterus during a quick office visit. 

There are several types of IUDs, including:

  • IUDs without hormones, which use copper to repel sperm 
  • IUDs with hormones, which work like other hormone-based birth control options

Even with hormonal IUDs, chances are you can avoid the side effects many women experience with the pill. Dr. Mohsin will discuss your needs and history with you to determine which type of IUD is best for you. 

What makes IUDs so popular?

While everyone needs to select the best birth control method for their needs, the IUD is growing in popularity for many reasons. Here are a few of the reasons: 

1. Very convenient

The pill is effective, but you have to take it at the exact same time each day for it to work. Condoms and other barrier methods are inconvenient and easy to forget. 

Enter the IUD. 

Once your IUD is in place, you get continual protection — for years — without any added effort. Plus you can’t feel your IUD or notice it’s there during sex.  

2. Long-lasting protection that’s reversible in minutes

IUDs offer long-term protection from pregnancy. In fact, some types of IUDs can even stay in place and keep you from conceiving for up to a decade.

But, if you change your mind and decide you want to get pregnant, once Dr. Mohsin at Progressive Women’s Health removes your device, you can conceive right away. With other hormone-based options, it may take up to a year before your fertility is restored. 

3. Worry-free protection

IUDs are more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. This is due, in large part, because there are no extra steps once a device is in place. In other words, you don’t have to worry about user error, as you do with the pill and other methods. In fact, the only thing more effective than an IUD is abstinence. With an IUD, you get worry-free protection against pregnancy. 

You should know that IUDs don’t protect against STDs, so depending on your needs, you may need to double up your protection with a barrier method, such as a condom, to help stay safe from infection. 

4. Lighter periods

Let’s face it: Periods are a drag. This is especially true if heavy, painful periods or endometriosis are part of your life. IUDs that have hormones thin out the uterine lining, and this can make cramps go away and lighten your periods. Some women don’t get periods at all. And certain IUDs are approved to treat the side effects of endometriosis and can even help prevent additional scar tissue from forming.  

5. Getting an IUD is fast and easy

Having an IUD placed may sound scary, but it’s not. Getting an IUD is like getting a regular pelvic exam. Dr. Mohsin places the speculum and quickly inserts the IUD. You may feel a little pinch or cramp, but most women tolerate the procedure well. 

You may feel some cramping during and after insertion, but you can take ibuprofen before and after to ease any discomfort. There’s no downtime required, and you’ll be able to resume normal activities, including sex, the same day.

Learn more about IUDs and whether one might be right for you by booking an appointment online or over the phone with Progressive Women’s Health today. We also offer telemedicine appointments.