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PCOS services offered in Sharyland Professional Center, Mission, TX

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) causes multiple distressing symptoms, including acne, menstrual irregularities, and unwanted hair growth. If you develop PCOS symptoms, visit board-certified OB/GYN Asia Mohsin, MD, at PWH Fertility Evaluations in Mission, Texas. Dr. Mohsin can diagnose and treat your condition and improve your fertility. Call PWH Fertility Evaluations to arrange a consultation or complete the online booking form today.


What is PCOS?

Hormonal disorder PCOS affects up to 26.7% of women between 15 and 44. It causes the following problems:

  • Infrequent or irregular menstruation
  • Prolonged periods
  • Acne and oily skin
  • Hair loss
  • Dark skin patches
  • Difficulty sleeping and excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Male-pattern baldness
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Blurry vision
  • Hair growth in unwanted areas (hirsutism)
  • Headaches
  • Excessive thirst and/or hunger
  • Ovarian cysts

PCOS increases your risk of high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and pregnancy difficulties. It can also affect fertility. Despite its name, not all women with PCOS have ovarian cysts.

Why do I have PCOS?

It’s not clear what causes PCOS, but possible risk factors include your genetic makeup, inflammation, diabetes, and excess body weight. Women with PCOS have an imbalance of androgen, insulin, and/or progesterone hormones, so anything disrupting the production of these hormones could be an influence.

If you produce excess androgen, your ovaries may grow follicles containing immature eggs that prevent egg release and reduce your chance of conceiving. However, pregnancy is still possible with appropriate treatment at PWH Fertility Evaluations.

Women may not be diagnosed for years before consulting an OB/GYN because PCOS symptoms are often subtle and varied, so they’re mistaken for other things. Dr. Mohsin orders blood tests to measure your androgen and other hormone levels. She may also arrange an ultrasound scan to view images of your uterus and ovaries.

What treatment might I need for PCOS?

Dr. Mohsin designs a personalized treatment plan based on your symptoms and test results. Your plan might include:


Lifestyle changes

A healthy diet, stress reduction, and regular exercise can reduce some of PCOS’s symptoms. Losing weight also helps, but the condition makes it more difficult to shed excess pounds. You should find it easier to reach your target weight after starting on medication.


Birth control pills

Birth control pills help normalize your hormone levels and make your menstrual cycle more regular.


Fertility drugs

If PCOS affects your ability to conceive, Dr. Mohsin might prescribe fertility drugs. They help to trigger ovulation, produce better eggs, or increase egg production. You’re most likely to get metformin for PCOS because it improves ovulation by reducing insulin resistance (a primary cause of diabetes). Letrozole is a possible alternative.

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